Oakland Bay Marina is located in the harbor of Shelton, WA.
The Marina is an excellent facility for both long term and day use and is well positioned to launch recreational boaters into Hammersly Inlet.

Hammersley Inlet, is an arm of water leading to Shelton,
Washington and Oakland Bay which connects the Oakland Bay
and Shelton to the greater Puget Sound.

It is approximately 8 nmi of winding, potentially rapidly
flowing water. Hammersley Inlet is the only artery through which all water must flow between the Oakland Bay and the greater Puget

As tides change, they force the water through narrow, winding, shallow, Hammersley, producing erratic currents up to 5 kn.

With proper planning, a depth sounder, and care, Hammersley can be navigated without incident. Mariners are advised to create a route, and stick to it. Hammersley Inlet ends as it meets the Oakland Bay, in the historic city of Shelton. Hammersley Inlet is also known for
its abundant shellfish production of clams and oysters.

Hammersley inlet is popular for recreational boaters, kayakers and still an active tug boat lane serving the Mill in Shelton. The inlet is the saltwater feed into Oakland Bay.

Oakland Bay Marina facilities include:

109 moorage slips
Public Access
State Highway 3 access with parking
Boat Launch
Guest Moorage

Guests and tourists are welcome to make use of this facility to explore the coast and waters of the Puget Sound.

Contact us at 360-426-1425

Oakland Bay Marina Information:

NOAA Nautical Chart:Pacific Coast #18457
Chart of Hammersly Inlet & Oakland Bay available online. Click here to view chart

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Shelton Yacht Club
701 E Pine St., Shelton, WA 98584
(360) 426-9476

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